Pou – Raise Your Own Alien ‘Potato’ Buddy

Pou is a popular mobile game for several mobile platforms, notably Android, iOS and Blackberry. The game was developed and later published by Paul Salameh, who is credited as Zakeh in the Google Play Store.

The mobile game notably features an alien character that most resembles a triangular potato. The main gameplay features involve caring for the potato-alien: feeding, cleaning, exercising and putting the creature to sleep.

In addition, users can interact with other user’s Pous, play mini-games and also earn coins to purchase costumes, decorations and other environment decorations for their Pou.

Take Care of Pou ~ General Gameplay

Pou features several gameplay mechanisms, most of which involve caring for the virtual pet:

Feed: Feed Pou a variety of different foods and snacks, including pizza, fruit, pie, ice cream and much more. Sweets notably make Pous happier, but other foods like fruits are considered healthier for them.

Rub/Wash: Clean Pou by rubbing them with soap when they’re dirty.

Lab Potions: Special potions can be acquired from the Laboratory; the potions themselves have different effects that change the physical appearance of Pous.

Improve Mood: Throw around a ball to help improve a Pou’s mood if they’re not feeling well.

Sleep: Pous can be put to sleep when placed in their bedroom.

Pous also gain experience when they do different activities throughout the duration of the game.

Play with Pou ~ Mini-games

Pou features many mini-games where users can take their own Pous out to play. Not only that, mini-games help keep Pous well exercised and happy.

Food Drop: Help Pou catch and eat sweet and healthy treats while avoiding garbage.

Pou Sounds: Test your memory, along with Pou, while playing back the correct sounds in a game of wits that’s much like Simon.

Tic Tac Pou: Much like the classic Tic Tac Toe, get three Pous in a row to win.

Sky Jump: Tilt the device to help guide a bouncing Pou higher up cloud platforms.

Free Fall: Help Pou collect as many coins as possible while they free fall in the sky.

Color Match: Shift rows of multicolored Pous around to match three together.

Dress Up Pou ~ Customization Options

Much like other virtual mobile pets, Pous can be dressed to impress. Currently, there are various ways to make your Pou look different from other Pous, essentially making your own Pou unique from all others. To start, Pou bodies can be changed to any color that you wish.

Also, you’ll be able to collect a full wardrobe of clothes and accessories for Pou. The clothes and accessories available include suits, dresses, headbands hats, glasses, jewels and much more.

The app always updates with new and different customization options each month, including seasonal clothes and accessories for celebrating the holidays. Pou homes also have plenty of décor for each room, including wallpapers in various patterns. Pou dinheiro infinito can be found here.